W.Scott Taylor at work on a
painting in his Yardley studio.
Blue Reflections Sotter's House  
by W. Scott Taylor  8 X 10  oil on canvas
Sundown on the Farm              by W. Scott Taylor
Oil on board   10.5 x 6                            $700.00
Redfield's House                                                                 by  W. Scott Taylor
Oil on board 10 x 12                                                             $800.00     
House in Washington Crossing Village              by W. Scott Taylor
12 x 14 Oil on board                                       $1000.00
Winter Stream in Pt. Pleasant
by W. Scott Taylor  8 x 10  Oil on board  
Canal in Yardley                                   by W. Scott Taylor
12.5 x 14  Oil on canvas                                      $1000.00

Winfield Scott Taylor IV, known
locally as W. Scott Taylor was
born in 1952 in Trenton, New
Jersey, has resided in Bucks
County his whole life.  As a young
boy Scott was fascinated and
inspired by the Delaware River-
choosing to swim its waters and
hunt along the river banks and
woods.  Later in life Scott found
inspiration and joy in painting the
landscape and historical sites of
Bucks County.

He studied painting at the
Fleisher Art Memorial School in
Philadelphia.  He studied Plein
Air painting with Ty Hudonish in
Stockton, New Jersey.

Currently Scott has been painting
with the guidance of his friend
and mentor the renowned
Bucks County Impressionist
painter Evelyn Faherty.
Off Bowman's Tower                               by W. Scott Taylor
8 x 10  Oil on Board                                                
Bending the Delaware   by W. Scott Taylor
8 x 10  Oil on Board                  $750.00
Point Pleasant Beach   by W. Scott Taylor
4 x 6   Oil on Board                   $300.00
Sotter's Moonlit House  
by W. Scott Taylor 6 x 8 Oil on Board
House in Washington Crossing Village, PA    by W. Scott Taylor
12 x 14 Oil on Canvas           $1000.00
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W. Scott Taylor
Paintings that celebrate the Bucks County river towns and landmarks